What’s So Great About Silicone?

What’s So Great About Silicone?

Silicone is a type of synthetic polymer comprised of silicon and oxygen. It is a highly-versatile substance used in a wide array of products ranging from cook and bakeware to water bottles to jewelry, to luggage tags to art supplies, and beyond. Discover what makes silicone products worthwhile investments before your next shopping trip or business inventory order.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Silicone is as lightweight as it is durable and widely celebrated as a sturdy, long-lasting material you can use over and over again. In terms of bakeware, silicone provides a dependable option that will not stick to food or make cleaning an impossible task.

Even Baking Capabilities

In terms of baking, silicone products don’t have much competition. Food bakes within silicone pans evenly to provide you with a delicious, perfectly-cooked meal. Unlike metal pans that keep on cooking food after you remove them from the oven, silicone immediately ceases the cooking/baking process and cools quickly for convenient serving.

Flame & Water Resistant

Silicone’s flame resistance again makes it a welcome item in the kitchen. It does not catch fire easily and offers excellent thermal capabilities. Contact with steam is rarely an issue as well as long as the pressure isn’t severe. The substance also repels water and creates tight seals around other products to keep liquids out.

Safe Alternative To Plastic

The BPA in plastic is now widely known as a toxic chemical agent that negatively affects both the human body and the environment. Silicone is a BPA-free, chemically non-reactive product that does not leach into water and food, unlike plastic. Switching from plastic to silicone water bottles is therefore a great way to support both your health and the environment. You will not have to worry about drinking or ingesting harmful chemicals or contributing to the world’s ongoing plastic problem, as some 22 billion plastic water bottles are thrown out every year. That’s in addition to the floating plastic island in the Pacific Ocean that is roughly the size of Texas.

Superior Insulation

Yet another reason to use silicone is its insulating abilities. Silicone insulates electrical wiring and keeps it safe even if it is placed in water. The substance does not lose any of its insulating properties, which again makes it a worthy alternative to plastic.

Will you make the switch to silicone? Why or why not? Leave a comment and let us know!

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