wholesale Glass Jars

People like jars, especially glass jars, and they will buy them if you are selling them.  What do they do with the jars?  Why do they keep buying them?  Are they filling them with money and burying them in their yards, or filling them with homemade jam and giving them to the neighbors?  Who cares?  The point is, they will come back to your store and buy more jars if you have them on sale.  Some of your customers are probably jar hoarders, so take advantage of the opportunity to give them what they want by adding some jars to your inventory. 

We have a few different types of wholesale jars for sale on our website.  Click here to see our wholesale glass jars.  Below are some pictures of the jars.  

Wholesale Glass Spice Jars # HS964

Wholesale Glass Spice Jars Item HS964

Wholesale Glas Jars Item HT881

Wholesale Glass Jars Item HT881

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