Wholesale Pet Merchandise For Dogs And Cats

Wholesale Pet Merchandise

Wholesale Pet Merchandise

Do you have a pet section in your store?  If not, think about how many of your customers own dogs or cats.  Selling pet items is a great way to make more sales and increase repeat visits from your customers.

Kole Imports carries a nice assortment of wholesale pet merchandise, including leashes, bowls, chew toys, throwing toys, rope toys, rubber squeaky toys, cat teasers, litter boxes, collars, grooming gloves, nail clippers, rawhide chews, and more.  This makes it easy for you to put together a pet merchandise assortment to fit into a section of your store. 

How much space you dedicate to pet merchandise is up to you.  If you want to try a pet section out and see how it does, you can start small, with 20 or 30 items and see how they sell.  Our pet item packaging is bright yellow, so a wall of bright yellow packages will be noticed by your customers, and when they see the great values, especially compared to what they would pay at a pet store, they’ll be hooked. 

Just like toys are a great category for add-on sales to people with children, pet items will create extra sales from your pet-owning customers.  Click the following link to see our Wholesale Pet Items.  You will see for yourself that it’s possible to set up a really great pet item section without spending a lot of money.

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