Wholesale Posters For Your Room At Dollar Store Prices

What’s on your wall?  Look around and see.  How will you ever get that Lamborghini you’ve always wanted if you don’t have a poster of it hanging on your wall?  You won’t.  Can you truly live every day with the eye of the tiger if you don’t have a big poster of a tiger on your wall to remind you?  Probably not.  Will people know how much you love puppies and kittens if you don’t have posters of them on your walls?  They won’t.

Fear not!  Kole Imports has the solution for you and your customers.  We have a huge wholesale lot of assorted posters in a very nice 200-piece floor display box (Item # GL330), priced to sell in a dollar store.  The display box has a picture showing all of the different posters, with a number next to each.  Each poster in the display box has a number sticker on the end so it’s easy  for your customer to find the poster they want to buy.   

There are a variety of different posters to please a variety of different people.  There are posters of cars, kittens, puppies, angels, beaches, a woman in a bikini, dolphins, killer whales, skateboarding, surfing, a horse, a tiger, and babies playing sports.  These wall posters are wholesale priced to sell in dollar stores, so they’re a great deal, and the floor display box is very nice, and it contains 200 posters.  See the picture below, and click it to go to our wholesale website.  This is a new item category for us, and we’re sure people are going to love it. 

Wholesale Posters In Display Box # GL330

Wholesale Posters In Display Box # GL330

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