Wholesale Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags For Christmas

It’s time to stock up on wrapping paper and gift bags for the holidays.  Actually, you’re late.  You’d better order some right now.  The Christmas shopping season is underway, and people need packaging for all the presents they’re buying. 

We have a lot of different styles and sizes to fit any gift and any personality.  Take a look at our wholessale wrapping paper and gift bags by clicking here.  We have a huge supply of gift bags and wrapping paper, and many of them are closeouts from name-brand manufacturers, so the quality is really good.  Here are a few examples of what we have in stock now. 

12 x 16 Inch Red Gift Bag # KS942

12 x 16 Inch Red Gift Bag # KS942Sailboat Wrapping Paper # HM263Wholesale Gift Box # KJ717

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