Working the Wholesale Wedding

Ah, June. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and juneflowers2everywhere it seems like couples are getting hitched. It’s that magical time of year when the balmy air and blooming buds lend the perfect background to bridal bliss. That’s right, it’s wedding season!

But before you start getting all misty-eyed while planning your best friend’s bridal shower or bachelorette fete, think about this: How much is it going to cost to get those teeny-tiny place cards for 65 of your closest girlfriends? How much do those elegant invitations cost, not to mention the postage? Where will you find the perfect shade of pale pink ribbon to artfully tie around each and every champagne flute? And what about that sparkly stuff you always see scattered on party tables? What is that stuff, anyway?

Don’t worry, you can have your wedding cake and eat it too. How, you ask? By “working the wholesale wedding,” that’s how! At Kole Imports, we carry many wedding-themed items, from bachelorette favors to bridal shower décor. And all of these nuptial knockouts are priced at wholesale levels. So forget scouring the web for wedding boutiques or specialty party suppliers. With items from Kole you can do it all: send invitations, buy placecards, coordinate tableware, add table scatter, and even find the perfect shade of ribbon to top it all off!    

  desktopKJ005 placecardKI5252 napkinKJ671 plateKJ670 KI719scatterKI679ribbon
[Items pictured: KJ005, KI525, KJ671, KJ670, KI719, & KI679]

 Here’s what I mean:  Using only items from the Kole Imports showroom, I was able to put together a lovely table setting that is perfect for a casual bridal luncheon:


Table Spread Features: HM826, HM821, KI842, KI037, & KS271


Having access to such a wide variety of items at wholesale discounts is one of the many perks of becoming a Kole Imports customer.  We are constantly getting new closeout party supplies and unique decorations for all occasions.  From wedding and anniversary, to birthday and graduation, Kole Imports has the party supplies for your pending occasion.  And if you are a wholesale distributor, take advantage of our ever-changing merchandise.  Don’t forget to check our website frequently for the latest news in closeout deals and seasonal sales.  The best deals never last long in our stock room, and if you snag them right away they won’t last long in your store, either! 



So the next time you find yourself in charge of decorating for that “dressycasual” bridal shower or “creative cocktail” bachelorette party, you’ll have a little secret up your “formal daytime” sleeve: Kole Imports!  Never overlook dollar stores or online wholesale merchants when searching for specialty décor. Often, it is at places like these where you will find the most unique party items at the best values.  And when your best friend inquires where you managed to find such perfect accoutrements for her beach-themed bonanza, you can simply say, “Oh, I know a little place …”                           

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